Since receiving guidelines from Public Health England and our registration body GOSC and insurers IO, we have introduced new measures to reduce the risk of infection. These measures will not impact on your treatment or quality of care.

These are the changes you need to be aware of:


  • All patients will have to complete the form sent to them in their email reminder the day before each appointment. This is to screen for COVID-19 and those considered extremely clinically vulnerable. If you do not complete this I will not be able to see you. Please note we are still available for online consultations if you would prefer.

  • Do not come to your appointment if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms of, or have been in close contact ( under 2 metres, over 15 minutes) with someone who is COVID-19 positive or with symptoms, or if you have been contacted by track and trace or advised to self isolate or quarantine. Please refer to the NHS website as to when you can reschedule your appointment to.   

  • Where possible please shower within 2 hours before your appointment.

  • Upon arriving at Basepoint business centre please wait in your car or outside the building until it is time for your appointment then come in at your appointment time. Please do not bring anyone else to your appointment unless they are a chaperone.

  • Social distancing measures are in place in the reception and waiting areas with floor markings.

  • Please wash your hands before and after your appointment or make use of the hand sanitiser cleaning stations in Basepoint or in the treatment room.

  • Please wear a mask unless you are exempt, please do not wear gloves.

  • There is social distancing in the treatment room with floor markings for consultation.

  • In line with healthcare guidelines your practitioner will be using PPE in treatment, this involves disposable aprons, gloves and a mask. Our COVID-19 risk assessment includes more details on this and cleaning procedures.

  • All hard surfaces will be cleaned in between patients with wipes or spray that is anti-viral and/or have a composition which includes at least 60% alcohol including the plinth, medical wipeable pillows, any equipment used, chairs, desk, keyboard, card reader if used, telephone and  door handles.

  • Disinfecting spray will be used in the room. For aeration the windows will be open.

  • Any towels used for patient modesty are single use and cleaned with detergent and Dettol laundry cleanser, washed at 60 degrees and tumble dried as is our uniform.

  • If you are contacted by track and trace or develop COVID-19 within 2-3 days of visiting the clinic please note us as 'healthcare' on your track and trace form.

If you have any concerns or would like to see the full risk assessment, please contact me.